Manage information technology with ease

With Canon’s user-friendly applications, you can manage your transactional data printing with ease and print on-demand. Our suite of user-friendly software further gives you the control you need to get the most out of your resources. See how our solutions can help you manage better.

  • Canon can support data centre processes with software that lets you incorporate raw data and print high quality customised documents on-demand.
  • Your central reprographics department’s efficiency can be increased with our desktop application for remote creation, ordering and tracking of print jobs.
  • Our smart e-Maintenance service can monitor your multi-function devices 24/7 and order toners and service requests when needed to make sure you have minimal downtime, optimising your IT resources.


  • Challenges

    Can data be consolidated and customised to print-on-demand?

    • Old print technology unable to cope with surges in print volumes
    • Multiple reprints result in higher cost and reduced productivity
    • Inflexibility to customise date on-demand
  • Canon’s solutions

    Intelligent data management integrates communication demands.

    • Transactional print solution accepts raw data
    • Print customised document on-demand at high speeds
    • Documents are enhanced with conditional processing and true personalisation
  • Results

    Increased efficiency with valued-added messaging.

    • Reduction of production cost with elimination of pre-printed stationery
    • Turn customers' forms and invoices into advertising media
    • Increased customer response rate and retention with high quality colour printout
  • Challenges

    Can the document creation process be fast yet affordable?

    • Miscommunication of requirements lead to numerous revisions
    • Users are not kept updated on the status of jobs
    • Chargeback discrepancies results in delays
  • Canon’s solutions

    Desktop user-friendly application provides control and savings.

    • Web-to-print application easily collects images and documents at desktop
    • Predefined template design feature allows users to custom create documents
    • Charges can be easily monitored along with updated cost estimates via the remote job tracking feature
  • Results

    Quicker document creation process and reduced printing costs.

    • Achieve highly efficient administrative workflows
    • Digital files are archived for future retrieval and reprints when needed
    • Transparent chargeback costs reduce miscommunication of accounting
  • Challenges

    How can network maintenance be optimised to ensure minimal downtime?

    • Multifunction devices are unable to be repaired due to lack of parts
    • Time-consuming for IT technicians to get devices up and working
    • Highly confidential data security is compromised
  • Canon’s solutions

    Smart e-Maintenance service gives you maximum uptime.

    • Smart feature tracks device usage, so in the event of a breakdown, technicians will be dispatched with the right one-time fix solution
    • 24/7 remote diagnostic service monitoring allows for pre-emptive part orders
    • Enhanced data security with password protected folder and email encryption
  • Results

    Optimised resources running at maximum uptime.

    • Maximised IT network uptime for increased productivity
    • Greater administrative efficiency with lower maintenance costs
    • Accurate user accountability