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Using Canon’s document management system, student applications are electronically sorted and selected with the help of pre-set database filter rules. Student documents are digitised for faster retrieval and distribution. With our smart online solutions, printing on campus is easy and offers added convenience to students with accurate costing. See how our solutions can help your students achieve more.

  • Canon offers a digital workflow package that supports the application process from application forms to acceptance / rejection letters.
  • Our document management software lets you manage and store student records.
  • Canon’s solution for ordering print jobs online can make printing on campus much more efficient and user-friendly.


  • Challenges

    Streamlined and systematic digital workflow process centralises and simplifies the entire process.

    • Softcopy acceptance / rejection letters are automatically generated based on pre-sent database filter rules
    • Enhanced security access to sensitive information only by authorised users
    • Digitised documentation minimises errors with electronic collation and sorting
  • Canon’s solutions

    Improved administrative efficiency provides enhanced professionalism.

    • Easy, cost-effective distribution and optimisation of resources
    • Tightened security for greater accountability
    • Superior service generates better student satisfaction
  • Results

    Improved customer service.

    • Streamlined workflow processes ease administrative workload
    • Efficient working environment with easy retrieval of any documents
    • Better management of documents leads to faster turnaround time with suppliers
  • Challenges

    How can you improve the storage and retrieval of students’ records?

    • Massive volume of student records requires a large storage space
    • Storage of hardcopy documents increases cost and poses safety risks and security issues
    • Inefficient retrieval methods lead to slow student response
  • Canon’s solutions

    Massive cost-savings from reduced storage, stationery and distribution costs.

    • Organised document management system results in faster retrieval of records
    • Digital storage offers expandable capacity without impacting office space
    • Quicker access and retrieval of documents
  • Results

    Institution’s reputation and integrity remain flawless.

    • Faster response to student enquiries and internal department communications
    • Scalable storage capacity that is also environmentally friendly
    • Efficient administrative process
  • Challenges

    Are you managing large quantity printing efficiently?

    • Users need to physically bring materials to the printing facility
    • Delay in printing operations builds up frustration
    • Miscalculation of printing costs results in disputes
  • Canon’s solutions

    Online convenience delivers better time management.

    • Online print submission means convenience for the users
    • No more queuing as print jobs are processed upon submission
    • Accurate costing eliminate disputees
  • Results

    Simple, hassle-free process boosts satisfaction.

    • Online job order submission is user-friendly
    • Better time management for both students and staff
    • Transparency results in better operational efficiency