Secure every case with ease and efficiency

With Canon’s centralised document management system, rest assured that every case remains up-to-date and complete. Our secure print system also keeps confidential documents accessible only by authorised users. Here’s why the road to victory is easier with our help.

  • Canon can help streamline your fax management process by storing and distributing incoming faxes digitally.
  • We can also help you digitise your documents and store them in a centralised document management system, improving your knowledge management process.
  • In addition, a secured content management system can provide you with secured information management, allowing only authorised staff members to handle confidential documents.


  • Challenges

    Is the firm receiving complete fax transmissions?

    • Misplaced information to unnecessary duplication
    • Human errors in fax distribution
    • Lack of information security
  • Canon’s solutions

    We enable faxes to be retrieved digitally as document files giving you complete and updated legal documents anywhere, anytime.

    • Achieve efficient and complete capture of incoming faxes
    • Appointed administrator for transparency
    • Increased accountability
  • Results

    You enjoy increased productivity and quick retrieval of any fax.

    • Print hardcopy only when required
    • Save space by eliminating hardcopy faxes
    • Save costs by deleting unwanted faxes before it is printed
  • Challenges

    Are your lawyers going through a time-consuming process by physically searching for information?

    • The staff is limited to searching for information onsite
    • Insufficient office space for legal documents and research papers
    • High consumption of paper
  • Canon’s solutions

    We can help you digitise large volumes of documents into a centralised secured system giving you complete and updated legal documents anywhere, anytime.

    • Documents are scanned and digitised into secure, centralised document management system
    • Efficient sharing and retrieval of legal updates
    • Easier storage, sharing and viewing of legal documents
  • Results

    Legal documents are securely and better managed giving you more room to work.

    • Frees up expensive office space
    • Save on printing and paper costs
    • Access information remotely anywhere, anytime
  • Challenges

    Are the right people gaining access to the right files and managing confidential documentation well?

    • Unsecured emails
    • Untraceable document trail
    • Compromised documentation
  • Canon’s solutions

    We can create a document audit trail easily identifying who and when a document was scanned, as well as whom it was sent to.

    • Email file encryption
    • Monitor document movement and access
    • Password protect sensitive information
  • Results

    You enjoy peace of mind with case files protected in a secured, centralised document management system.

    • Critical information remains secure
    • Accurate accountability
    • Enhanced information security