Bright and highly legible display for prolonged usage

This 12-digit Ink-Ribbon printer with fluorescent display increases your ability to view data more easily and it offers tax and business calculation.

  • Large display
  • Tax and business calculation
  • Printing speed 3.7 lines/sec.


Fluorescent Tube Display

Designated for heavy duty users, the printing calculator is featured with bright and legible fluorescent tube display. Figures are shown in green against black background for comfortable reading under prolonged usage.

Tax Calculation

Convenient tax calculation keys save your time by simplifying the repetitive calculations. After setting the tax rate, adding or subtracting the tax rate with one touch is made possible.

Business Calculation

The cost-sell-margin function keys are charm for all businessmen. With two of the three variables, either of the cost, selling price & profit margin can be calculated accurately without the need for memorizing complicated formulas.

All prices above are recommended retail price in Ringgit Malaysia, inclusive of GST, unless otherwise stated.