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Sanjitpaal Singh

Sanjitpaal Singh is an established Malaysian nature, wildlife, and conservation photographer. Having been in the field of photography for over 19 years, Sanjitpaal has won various international awards and accreditations through his work with NGOs, advertising agencies, magazines, and the daily press. His love of photography has gained him support from various camera brands and supporting photographic products. He has also conducted various workshops, seminars, and judged photo competitions locally and internationally.

List of Awards Won:
2020 - WPY (Wildlife Photographer of the Year) - Semi-finalist (UK)
2017 - Conservation Leadership Award (UK)
2016 - 3 Honourable Mentions International Photography Awards - USA
2013 - 5 Honourable Mentions International Photography Awards - USA
2012 - International Photography Awards Winner - USA
2011 - BBC - Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year (Semi-Finalists) - London, UK 

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