Master Complicated Calculations with Upgraded Functions

With 16 internal calculation digits, an extensive range of 488 functions & user friendly key layouts, the smart F-570SG is suitable for high school level or above.

  • 488 scientific and statistical functions
  • 79 scientific constants & 172 metric conversions
  • Up to 16 digit internal calculation
  • Integration and differentiation



Practical 2-line Display

Despite its compact size, the F-570SG has a large two-line LCD display. This shows both the inputs on the top line and the results on the bottom line simultaneously.


User friendly key layout

Aiming at user friendly and smoother operations, the overall key layout is re-arranged from existing models to optimize convenience in calculation and minimize input steps. The new F-570SG brings a brand new calculation experience to you.


Sturdy Companion for everyday calculation

With removable battery cover and battery life of more than 4 years*, the F-570SG can assist you through the school life whilst substantially reduces wastage since battery life is extended by a large solar panel. Environmental consciousness is incorporated into Canon products.

All prices above are recommended retail price in Ringgit Malaysia, unless otherwise stated.