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Recycled Material Calculators

Canon is the 1st brand to have launched a series of recycled material calculators. Instead of using unknown source of recycled materials, we differentiate ourselves from others by using the plastics from our own Canon copier products, with which we have made our calculator casing.

By examining how product lifecycles impact the environment, Canon had successfully developed the new series of Recycled Material Calculator (recycling form Canon Copiers), which is manufactured to the highest standards and minimal harm to the environment.

List of Recycled Material Calculators (Click on each product for more infomation)

  1. AS-8 (Handheld Calculator)
  2. LC-210HI III (Handheld Calculator)
  3. LS-63TG (Handheld Calculator)
  4. LS-154TG (Handheld Calculator)
  5. AS-120 (Desktop Calculator)
  6. AS-120R (Desktop Calculator)
  7. AS-220RTS (Desktop Calculator)
  8. AS-1200 (Desktop Calculator)
  9. AS-2200 (Desktop Calculator)
  10. AS-2222 (Desktop Calculator)
  11. AS-2400 (Desktop Calculator)
  12. AS-2600 (Desktop Calculator)
  13. HS-20TG (Desktop Calculator)
  14. HS-1000TG (Desktop Calculator)
  15. LS-88HI III (Desktop Calculator)
  16. LS-120HI III (Desktop Calculator)
  17. TS-1200TG (Desktop Calculator)
  18. TX-1210HI III (Desktop Calculator)
  19. WS-1210HI III (Desktop Calculator)
  20. F-718S (Green Colour) (Scientific Calculator)
  21. MP121-MG (Printer Calculator)
  22. MP25-MG (Printer Calculator)
  23. MP37-MG (Printer Calculator)
  24. X Mark I (Designer Series Calculator)
  25. X Mark I Card (Designer Series Calculator)
  26. X Mark I Mouse (Designer Series Calculator)
  27. X Mark I Mouse Slim (Designer Series Calculator)
  28. X Mark I Keypad RF (Designer Series Calculator)
  29. X Mark I Print (Designer Series Calculator)
  30. X Mark I Pointer (Designer Series Calculator)

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