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Earth Month Upcycling Workshop

12 April 2021: As part of Canon Marketing Malaysia’s Earth month initiative, fabrics were collected from staffs for an upcycling workshop. Organised in partnership with Biji-Biji Initiative, a local social enterprise, a group of low-income community - PPR (Projek Perumahan Rakyat) was invited to a basic upcycling workshop. They were taught to make handy coin purse, pouch, bag with recycled materials which can help to generate income for the community.

In addition, two of Canon EOS Youth Ambassadors, Barathan and Sam also gave a photography workshop on how to take product packshots using Canon cameras.

Canon’s recycling initiatives are guided by the kyosei philosophy that focuses on ‘living and working together for the common good’ and at the same time helps to educate the people around us on sustainable living.

Making an upcycled purse

Creating pouch using waste materials

Learning about photography

Enivronmental Sustainability Talk

Ir. Dr. Gomesh Nair's Virtual Environmental Sustainability Talk

16 April 2021: To cultivate staff awareness and understanding on environmental sustainability, Canon Marketing Malaysia invited Ir. Dr. Gomesh Nair Shasidharan, Head of Department, Postgraduate & Research Centre (PGRC), UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College who conducted a virtual environment talk. This received good response from staffs as 115 staffs attended and gained an insightful knowledge on environmental sustainability. These were the topics covered by Ir. Dr. Gomesh during the talk

  • Green house gasses and global warming
  • Emissions
  • SDG on environment
  • How can human help in environment sustainability.

Plastic Pollution Awareness Activity

2-13 November 2020: Canon Marketing Malaysia's QEHS team organised the 'Understanding Plastic Pollution' contest to raise awareness on plastic pollution among staff. Due to the pandemic, all activations had to be done online. Participants of this contest were required to watch an educational video on plastic waste, solve a crossword puzzle related to the video and submit their pledge to stop plastic pollution. Canon Marketing Malaysia's staff not only gained knowledge for themselves, they were also able to spread the awareness of plastic pollution among family members by participating in these activities together at home.

'Understanding Plastic Pollution' contest winners won themselves exciting prizes

Fabric Collection Drive

17-28 August 2020: It is estimated that up to 2,000 tonnes* of textile wastes are produced in Malaysia, making up 5%* of solid waste that ends up in our landfills, if not recycled. Pollution in the form of harmful greenhouse gases as well as chemical contamination of soil and water happens when these textile decompose. Recognising this issue, Canon Marketing Malaysia's QEHS department has been organising fabric collection drives among staff to help keep fabrics out of landfills. Staff were encouraged to donate their unwanted apparels, fabrics, soft toys and miscellaneous items for resale, repurpose, and recycling.

*Source : Kloth Data, 2019

Biodiversity Awareness Activity

23 August 2019: To instil environment and biodiversity awareness, Canon Marketing Malaysia's staff were invited to share their ideas on how to protect the biodiversity at home and at work. Apart from the usual Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle steps, other ideas suggested included planting more trees, practising a minimalist way of life, and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Earth Day Let's S. W. A. P. (Share Waste and Pre-loved)

4- 20 April 2019: To celebrate Earth Day, the QEHS department organised the Let’s S. W. A. P. (Share Waste & Pre-loved) campaign. Staff were encouraged to swap their pre-loved items with one another to reduce waste and subsequently reduce their environmental impact. It was an enjoyable event as we witnessed unwanted items being reused and enjoyed by new owners, instead of ending up in the landfills.

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