Canon Releases EOS C400 Digital Cinema Camera for RF Mounts with 6K Full-Frame Sensor for Striking Visual Expressions - Canon Malaysia

    Canon Releases EOS C400 Digital Cinema Camera for RF Mounts with 6K Full-Frame Sensor for Striking Visual Expressions

    Canon Releases EOS C400 Digital Cinema Camera for RF Mounts with 6K Full-Frame Sensor for Striking Visual Expressions

    SHAH ALAM, 6 June 2024 – Canon today announced the release of EOS C400, a new product in the CINEMA EOS SYSTEM series of video production equipment, in early September 2024. This camera, which boasts both high mobility and an enhanced set of interfaces, will make it possible to achieve high-quality visual expressions during broadcasts and even at live video production sites.

    The EOS C400 digital cinema camera employs an RF mount while it inherits the basic functions of EOS C500 Mark II (released in December 2019) and EOS C300 Mark III (June 2020) in further refined forms. It comes equipped with a 6K full-frame sensor capable of shooting high-quality footage and a shallow depth of field to achieve striking and high-quality footage with gorgeous bokeh. By achieving a compact size and light weight while boasting an enhanced set of interfaces, it produces cinematic visual expressions not only at video production sites for movies and dramas, etc., but also at live video production sites.

    This marks the first time that an RF mount has been used in a high-end CINEMA EOS SYSTEM product. In compliance with RF mount communications protocol, lateral chromatic aberration corrections, light intensity corrections, display of the dual pixel focus guide, and distortion corrections are made by the camera, and lenses can be selected from a wide lineup depending on the type of visual expression. The EOS C400 can also output metadata required in virtual production thanks to the high-speed communication capabilities of the RF mount. Additionally, PL lenses, which are becoming popular in the video production industry, can be used by equipping the newly released Mount Adapter PL-RF (scheduled for launch in early September 2024). Camera operators can also utilise any EF lenses in their possession by attaching a separately-sold mount adapter1.

    For the first time in the CINEMA EOS SYSTEM, the camera is installed with a 6K full-frame back-illuminated, stacked CMOS sensor. It also includes DIGIC DV 7 as its image processing engine which enables recording at high frame rates of 6K/ 60P RAW video and 4K/120P2. The EOS C400 also reproduces natural tones from low to high brightness, reduces noise in dark areas, and improves 4K image quality through 6K oversampling. It is even equipped with Dual Pixel CMOS AF II and therefore capable of rapid, highly accurate and wide-ranging AF with excellent trackability.

    On its small and lightweight housing, the camera has a variety of interfaces such as GENLOCK/SYNC/RETURN terminals and ETHERNET terminals. Functions required for live video production cameras such as the tally function, which confirms that the camera footage being shot is being shown on air, and the return function, which makes it possible to examine the on-air footage on the monitor, can be used without an expansion unit to support live productions. The camera also employs a new proprietary video format XF-HEVC S/XF-AVC S, an MP4 format that supports meta-data provided by the pre-existing XF-HEVC/XF-AVC format. On top of this, the date and time of shooting as well as the reel number can now be displayed in the file name, which will make it easier to manage files at filming locations with a large number of cameras in operation and improve workflow.


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    1 For details about mount adapters, please check the official Canon website
    2 When the frame rate surpasses 100P in Super 35mm mode, the angle of view is cropped by roughly 6%