Basic Photography Tutorial - Canon Malaysia

Basic Photography Tutorial

27 Apr 2024
27 Jul 2024
MYR 30.00


Capture the world through your lens and transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Join us at Lights House Cafe for an exclusive Basic Photography Tutorial tailored for new Canon enthusiasts. Under the expert tutelage of Gradient Lok, delve into the artistry of landscape and astrophotography.

Your journey into photography begins here— Register now and embrace the light that leads to visual storytelling!

Instructor: Gradient Lok
Date: Kindly select from options below
Time: 2pm - 6pm
Location: Lights House Cafe, Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur

Course Outline:

Basic Photography Tutorial 1:
- Understand techniques and skills of different photography themes.
- Understand your camera mode, settings and function.

Basic Photography Tutorial 2:
- Understand photography post-production.
- Understand technique of printing photography.


Lights House Cafe
Jalan 9/116B 2-3, Spring Avenue Commercial Shot Lot Spring Avenue, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.



Basic Photography Tutorial 1 (Session 1) (27 Apr 2024)

Basic Photography Tutorial 1 (Session 1)

Basic Photography Tutorial 1 (Session 2) (25 May 2024)

Basic Photography Tutorial 1 (Session 2)

Basic Photography Tutorial 1 (Session 3) (6 Jul 2024)

Basic Photography Tutorial 1 (Session 3)

Basic Photography Tutorial 2 (27 Jul 2024)

Basic Photography Tutorial 2


Gradient Lok

Graduated in Graphic Design 主修美术设计系 Former Graphic Designer & Photographer 曾从事设计师兼摄影师 Former lecturer in Art College 曾担任美术导师 Major in Astrophotography since 2003 从2003年开始拍摄天文摄影 Founder of APGM (Astrophotography Group of Malaysia) in 2004 with Amateur Astronomer Mr. William Chin 2004年与业余天文学家 陈伟伦成立了《天影社》 Photographs/works have been published in international astronomical magazines such as Sky & Telescope and Taipei Starry Night. 作品多次刊登在国际天文杂志如 Sky & Telescope 和台北星空 Interviewed by Astro AEC on astrophotography 接受Astro AEC关于天文摄影采访 Interviewed by local Press and Magazines on photography and astrophotography 接受本地各大报章及杂志 关于摄影和天文摄影的采访 Former speaker of TEDxPetalingStreet share about Malaysia AstrophotographyTEDxPetalingStreet 讲师分享 马来西亚天文摄影 Owner of a Photography Art Gallery Cafe 摄影艺术主题咖啡馆主人 

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