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Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Profile — A history of success

Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd started its operations in 1987 and today it has became a major corporate player in Malaysia. Focused on the objective of providing excellent products and support to Malaysian users, Canon invested considerable time and effort in developing channels to access the market. Growing from strength to strength since its inception, Canon Malaysia has become a brand synonymous with many market firsts:

  • Launched the 1st ever plain paper fax and color copier in Malaysia
  • Launched the highly popular Bubble Jet printer
  • Launched the 1st ever colour fax machines in Malaysia
  • Launched the world's smallest and slimmest DVD Camcorder in 2006

…. And the list continues to grow….

Canon is committed and will continue to strive to become a household name and a leading brand, sought after for its quality and reliability in products and services, living up to its corporate tagline, Delighting You Always, for now and well into the future.

Our Commitment to Quality

We are committed to provide EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE by applying the principles of Total Quality Management to our products, processes and systems through:
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS in the availability and distribution of our products and services
  • TOTAL STAFF INVOLVEMENT to meet our customers' needs and expectations
  • WORKING TOGETHER with our business partners to achieve total customer satisfaction

Code of Ethics
It has always been Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (CMM)'s business practice to conduct business in a fair manner, guided by a strong sense of integrity. CMM firmly believes in the importance of transparency and being fully compliant to all laws and regulations.

Through our Code of Ethics, our employees are required to adhere to high standards of ethical behaviour. In all our business activities, CMM avoids any conduct that violates the principles of corporate ethics. CMM also conducts business with business partners and suppliers who share the same values of conducting business in an ethical manner.

We welcome our business partners to voice their concerns related to any misconduct observed in CMM employees through an independent channel at www.ethicspoint.com. Moving forward, CMM will continue to adhere to its Code of Ethics and to engage in fair business practices.

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