Information Security Management System Policy - Canon Malaysia

Information Security Management System Policy

CMM is committed to provide high security standards to protect clients’ assets in compliance with the international standards of ISO/IEC 27001.

CMM understands the threats and vulnerabilities in processes and systems. We take risks in account throughout the production life-cycle. Sensitive information and critical systems are secured and business continuity plans are in place at the Regional office to protect clients’ needs. Effective and pro-active risk management is the foundation for all our service development and deliveries. CMM goes beyond legal compliance and take all efforts to meet customers’ expectations.

Security is built-in within our solutions and services. Quality and performance targets are developed and implemented in a systematic manner. Our managers derive information security objectives from this policy and implement them at all levels of the organization.

As part of a growing organization, improvement and learning is the foundation for our success. In order to maintain the management system, improve and enhance services and delivery of services, internal and external audits are regularly conducted and a continual improvement process is deployed throughout the organization. All employees and business partners are expected to contribute to the implementation of this policy.

This statement is communicated to all staff as well as published publicly for awareness to our business partners, customers and contractors. It is important that our staff, partners and contractors understand their responsibilities in connection with this statement and contribute positively to our goals.

Last update & approval: 8 May 2023