FINE Technology - Canon Malaysia


Canon PIXMA printers incorporate the Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) technology print head, which has more nozzles than competitors' equivalent models. Ink droplets are ejected at consistent, fixed volumes with remarkable accuracy for smoother, grain-free images. And FINE print heads achieve amazing speeds by covering a wider area in a single pass. High speed, high resolution, and high quality. That's perfectly FINE with Canon!

Thanks to the sub-micron precision nozzles of the FINE print head, the iP1000 eject consistent, 5pl ink droplets with exceptional accuracy. The result is grain-free images with increased tonality and higher resolution. And because of the increased number of nozzles, greater nozzle density and higher drive frequency, both speed and accuracy are greatly enhanced.


The 1088-nozzle FINE print head ejects a combination of 2pl and 5pl ink droplets to facilitate high-speed photo printing and ensure exceptionally high image quality. Your photos are virtually free of graininess, while the unevenness often found in solid-colour areas is eliminated. And with the support of advanced Canon Digital Photo Colour, skin tones are beautifully natural blue skies are even more vivid and contrast and tonallity are greatly enhanced. So it's not surprising that the iP2000, iP3000 and iP4000/4000R matche or even surpass the image quality of 6-colour printers!

Not only does the FINE print head eject both 2pl and 5pl ink droplets, it also incorporates an advanced dot-control technology to achieve a spectacular 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution. Such scientific accuracy ensures that your photos will display superb detail and a naturally smooth tonality without graininess across the entire image.