Eco-concious and stylish arc design calculator

12-digit desktop calculator with extra large LCD display. 120 steps check and correct function, and tax and business calculation ensure overall versatility.

  • Extra large upright angle display
  • 120 steps check and correct function, auto-check function
  • Tax and business calculation


ARC Design

The Arc series is noted for the unique arc shape, featuring a sleek and large LCD angled display. The upward curve of the calculator body adds style to its impressive performance.


In pursuance of the commitment to reduce avoidable energy waste, Canon is devoted in manufacturing our green calculators to the highest standards. Some parts of our green calculators are made from recycled Canon product materials. We're delighted in ensuring sustainability and preserving the environment.

120 Steps Check & Correct Function

The Check & Correct function helps guarantee accuracy and precision to long and complex calculations. The inputted figures can be verified by moving forward or backward through a calculation up to 120 steps and corrections can be made instantly.

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