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    Marlborough College Malaysia

    At the onset, we knew that we wanted a committed partner who can cater to all our reprographics and multimedia needs. Canon is a perfect fit with their wide array of imaging products and solutions. The clincher for us is the Canon team’s dedication to service, meeting all our specific requirements to the best of their ability. Working with Canon is a truly delightful experience.

    Mr. Paul Lee
    IT Manager
    ​Marlborough College Malaysia


    The Challenge

    • Keeping up with user convenience
    • Maintaining usage control
    • Upholding cost efficiency

    The Solution

    • uniFLOW print management solution
    • imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction devices

    The Results

    • Convenient printing on the go
    • Sound control over print and copy jobs
    • Reduced print wastage and costs

    Business Overview

    Founded in 2012, the Marlborough College Malaysia is the sister school of Marlborough College in Wiltshire UK. An institution dedicated to excellence, its teaching staff possesses a wealth of experience in delivering quality education. The co-educational British international school comprises a Pre-Preparatory School for children aged 3 to 12 years and a Senior School for boarding and day pupils aged 13 to 18 years. Current enrollment stands at approximately 900 pupils, representing 45 nationalities.

    The Challenge

    A Clear Direction

    As a young and dynamic institution, the IT team of Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM) knew exactly what they needed – convenience, control and cost efficiency. They were adamant that the selected provider offers both multifunction devices (MFDs) and print management solutions in tandem.

    User Convenience

    Today, people read their emails or other documents on the go via their mobile devices. MCM wants to extend this convenience to the next level – to be able to print off their devices. In addition, the college wants their staff to be able to collect their print jobs from MFDs that are most convenient to them.

    Usage Control

    MCM is aware that as an organisation grows, unchecked print and copy costs may create a burden on its overheads and become a bane to administration. Right from the start, they want to maintain a  firm control over who is authorised to print or copy. For example, colour printing is to be limited to certain users and photocopying is to be restricted. Importantly, MCM needs to be able to track and control print and copy usage, and maintain clear accountability.

    Cost Efficiency

    As with any other organisations, keeping overheads low is always a management priority. MCM needs a partner that not only provide the print and copy solutions that they need, but also tools to help them manage and control their cost in an effective and accountable manner.

    The Solution

    A One-stop Provider

    Canon is a one-stop provider that  fits into MCM’s requirements. Apart from MFDs and print management solutions, Canon also provides printers, projectors, cameras which are required on campus. The Canon team went the extra mile to provide proof-of-concept of several solutions for the Management of MCM to determine which is the most suited for their needs. The uniFLOW print management solution proved to be most apposite with its intelligent routing, secure printing and reliable accounting features. In addition, more than 30 units of imageRUNNER ADVANCE MFDs were deployed throughout the campus.

    The Results

    Cost Savings

    With the implementation of Canon solution, MCM’s staff can choose to send their documents for print from anywhere within the campus premises. These print jobs are then held centrally on a print server, and upon user authentication with MCM’s staff passes, print jobs are released at MFDs most convenient to the users.

    Since print jobs are only released upon authentication, users can choose not to have them printed if they had been sent by mistake. Instances where users send their documents to print but forget to pick them up are also eliminated. These seemingly minute details can amount to significant savings on paper and toner in the long run.

    Accountable Usage

    The print accounting feature provides insightful reports on usage patterns and device utilisation. The generated reports allow administrators to know who is printing what, when and where exactly, as well as understand how each device is being utilised and whether or not it is working at its most efficient level. This data is invaluable to MCM for analysis and future planning.

    Maximum Uptime

    Canon’s proactive support allows for a special service-level agreement which sees a technician visiting once a week to perform preventive maintenance and ensure the MFDs are always in tip-top condition. Since Canon is the principal supplier of the uniFLOW solution, service support is always at hand.