Touchstone Dimensional Printing Software

Simplify the design and production of textured prints

Using patented ALPS technology, Touchstone produces elevated printing with high-quality results. Programmed layers of ink create unparalleled quality in high-resolution colour, adding exciting tactile experience to your Arizona UV curable printers’ capabilities and print projects!


Unique Added Value

Touchstone delivers exciting elevated printing. Create unique textures, low relief or metallic accents, ideal for signage, décor and packaging. This fascinating technology offers a wealth of new, pioneering applications that set you apart from the competition.

Standout Quality

Automatic pressing of each layer ensures pristine quality. Choose between Alto for elevated ink and Brila for elevated varnish for tailored luxury printing.

Innovative Ink Technology

Advanced VariaDot printing technology gives consistent, outstanding colour for excellent tonality and subtle, accurate elevation. 

Clear Conceptualisation

No charge extensions for Adobe CC provides designers a familiar and easy to use environment to create 3D design of elevated print projects without any complex training necessary.

Fuss-free Production

Behind-the-scenes pressing simplifies production while accurate ink estimates allow uninterrupted, unattended printing for maximised workflow. No file manipulation.  Simple to use. Print providers can simply RIP with ONYX Thrive and print on the Arizona much like they do today. The ALPS Engine automatically interprets the pdf and generates a multi-layer batch file with the correct printing sequence.

Introducing Touchstone Dimensional Printing Software

Elevated Printing Time-lapse

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